So now I am not sure if I have really been writing or not. That has to sound sort of stupid to you reading this. I know it does to me. After all, I’ve been doing this now for over 3 years.  As I read different blogs and articles about writing for a living, I realize I am nowhere near that happening. A couple of newspaper articles, a magazine article and a failed attempt at a novel have taught me that there is much more to writing than a few people telling you that have talent and starting a blog. When I read other blogs, I have a hard time calling mine one.

I’m encouraged by the number of views I’ve received since starting. Considering that I’ve not really been consistent or developed a noteworthy following, I’ve still received over 37,000 views. I wonder what it would have been if I’d written something worthwhile?

It’s time to get focused. Writing whatever comes into my head has helped me practice but it isn’t going to take me anywhere. Support and encouragement has come from several friends but I need to mature a bit and figure out how to really get this off the ground. I’ve become acquainted with several writers and they never seem to be without something significant to say. That is where I want to be. Writing for the sake of writing may be a nice hobby and a way to release some creativity but for me it isn’t enough anymore.

A friend recently asked me what I would like to do with the rest of my life. I couldn’t really come up with an answer. So much has changed in the past year. Since losing Fawn, it’s been difficult to know who I am now without her. When you marry, you are intertwining two lives and personalities that complete and compliment each other. Well, now, having established that life, it’s all changed. Now I have to figure me out all over again.

I know it’s not too late. I’m not ancient yet. There is more to life than working 40-50 hours a week and still not making ends meet. I ask myself again the question my friend asked me. What do I want to do. Well I really do want to travel and write, at the same time if possible. With the technology we have now, with laptops and cell phones, lots of people are doing it. So I figure I can too.

Now comes the hard part.  It’s been easy to pretend to be a writer. That’s what the novel I tried to write was about. Dreaming about it, wishing it were true and constantly talking about it are a far cry from actually doing it. For every successful writer there must be thousands who tried and didn’t make it.  There are probably exponentially more than that number who, like me, talked and dreamed about it and never even made a first step.

I have enjoyed simply writing about everyday stuff. It has not been a complete waste of my time. Practice is always good. But practicing with no goal in mind after a while can become discouraging. So it’s time. It’s time to read more information on making some money with my blog and growing and developing into someone whose efforts are worth reading. I hope that you who have been faithful to follow along will keep doing so. I’m open to suggestions and advice.

Thanks again for listening to me and giving me some of your time and attention.

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