Would you take advice from your older self?


Someone just walked by, ┬ádrinking one of those high energy drinks in a can. There are so many, the brand doesn’t really matter. I consider those drinks poison. I can’t prove that they are, I just think so. There is lots of web info with arguments either way I’m certain.

That isn’t what today’s post is about though. As this person walked by I pictured his future self visiting him and telling him to quit drinking these drinks. I love the film “the Kid” with Bruce Willis. I’ve talked about it before on this site I’m pretty sure. I’ve described how I love films about time travel. Time travel is also not the subject of this post but an aspect of what I’ve decided to talk about.

Forget about the scientific, ethical and practical problems associated with travelling back and forth in time and the implications of how you might change history or really, the future. My question is, assuming, that any of us could receive a visit from our older self, I guess that would be akin to knowing the future, would we listen to what our older and hopefully wiser self would have to say?

I wonder. When we were kids we never thought our parents knew better than we did. They didn’t understand what we were going through or who we were. Even though mom or dad could tell you instance for instance how he/she went through the same thing “at your age” we still didn’t buy it.


Even if someone older like your granddad or someone who you trusted tried to warn you about something, you may or may not listen. So again I wonder if you were sitting and watching TV, and your ten-year older self stopped by and shared all the things he knew you were doing now that you’d be sorry for later, would you listen?

It’s easy in a movie to write the script any way you like. Create a situation, build in a conflict, a hero, an enemy, a resolution and a moral. Then if you like you can add a tragic or happy ending. But in real life, would you even listen to your older self!

Let’s say instead of you being visited by future you, your were visiting younger you. Now instead of receiving future wisdom, you’re the one with the responsibility of giving it. What would you say? Eat more fruit? Stop smoking? Eat your veggies and get some fresh air? Better have that tooth pulled now! Improve your credit score! Exercise!

You would be like an infomercial. Would you have any more credibility than your parents did? Would you be able to get younger you to take your advice? Or would you head back to the future, knowing that your condition was a result of the past, and that all your good advice went to waste.

Even old Biff had a hard time convincing young Biff.


So what would you say to your younger self or what would your response be to your older self? I look forward to your comments.

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