The worst place ever created.

Hi readers,

I am going to complain now. Every now and then I like to do this. It’s good in moderation.

I would like to know who came up with the idea of the group or as I like to call it, the communal toilet. Some of you might be tempted to stop reading at this point but I hope you won’t. I’d really like to know what you think.

There are some things in life that should be kept private. This is one of them. This function of the human body, the need to eliminate waste is not one that should be a social event.The history of the toilet goes way, way back. You can Google it.

At what point did someone decide that he or she would not mind sitting or standing next to another person while performing such a personal bodily function. It’s not like going to a restaurant where everyone is eating, drinking and having a good time. Breaking bread together is one of the best forms of fellowship. But this!
I’m so tempted to go into more detail about the why of it all but you’ve been there and know what it’s like. How many of you look for the “lone toilet” and then hope no one takes the one on either side of you? Or how many of you will fight the urge because you just don’t want to use a multiple seat rest room no matter how clean it may be.
I understand the economics of it. I really do. It’s much cheaper to build one room and plumb it to accommodate multiple facilities. Back in high school, the boys rest room often didn’t even have doors. It is bad enough to have to do your business in the presence of others. You would at least expect some measure of anonymity afforded to an individual. But that’s another story.
Let’s face it. There is no dignity in this, uh, “process of elimination”. So why have to share the experience. I’d rather pay a little more for a product so that the owner of a building could afford to install completely separate facilities. Look at it this way. When you build a home, do you ever consider adding a second toilet in the same bathroom?
In the rest room, there are very little manners. Everyone is there to…pardon the expression…”let’r rip”. It’s bad enough to subject to your own sound effects and uh, fragrances but do you really not mind someone else’s? I for one do. So do you want to gripe about this along with me? Or are you perfectly okay with it or perhaps no one has ever asked you before.
In my efforts to come up with new material for my blog I may from time to time come up with some unusual thoughts but that’s what it’s all about isn’t it?
Let’s have some honest conversation about this. I look forward to your comments. Let’s keep it clean though (pun intended).

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One thought on “The worst place ever created.

  1. Don't forget the benefits. As you are scrubbing every microbe off your hands at the sink, your co-worker exits a stall and sails out of the bathroom; you now know who to avoid at all costs…

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