Please welcome my first guest writer, Ronnie Dauber!

Hi, everyone.  Jeff invited me to be a guest and post on his blog and I’m honored and excited. I wasn’t sure how I was going write until I remembered the integrity with which he writes. So I’ll just be myself and tell it like it is.

My name is Ronnie Dauber and I’m an author, freelance writer, blogger and manager of a short story writing group on LinkedIn. I’m a Christian and I live in Ontario, Canada with my husband, seven children and fourteen grandchildren. I met my husband in church many years ago at a wedding that we both attended and from that day forward we have never been apart. We’ve had a lot of fun over the years, but we’ve also endured many hardships and disheartening tragedies, and I look back in amazement that we ever got through them.
 The one thing that’s kept me going, though, is my writing. I’ve had a passion to write since I was a child; in fact, I won my first writing award when I was twelve years old. I entered a regional poetry writing competition and won for my “Dedication to President John F Kennedy”, which was typeset and framed and sent to the Whitehouse. Over the years I continued to write poems and short stories during my quiet times. Then, when a car accident ended my legal career a few years ago, I chose to fight the depression and the pain and focus on writing. I returned to college once again, and three years later I graduated with three more college diplomas.

Some of my work is inspired by my family. My first adventure story, Mudslide, which is also the first book in my young adult series, began when my youngest son returned home from a camping trip and told us about his adventures of camping in the rain and mud, and about being caught in an undercurrent during a day of white water rafting. When I got over the agony that comes with being mom, I decided that this would make a great adventure story for teens, and so I created my main characters and they just came alive and went from one adventure to the next.

I have a mandate that I stand on for my young adult books and that is that they will be void of profanity, insolence and sexual content, but that they’ll be fast-paced and loaded with action. I believe authors have a tremendous influence on young readers as they develop their own character, so I want to be a positive influence while at the same time encouraging them to read.

My suspense thriller, Web Secrets, just came together when I started to write. I knew what the main conflicts were going to be and how the story would end up, but all the other suspenseful conflicts throughout the book just came as I wrote. This book is loaded with suspense, has a bit of humour, a touch of romance and lot of thrill, and it’s one of my favorite creations.

You can read excerpts from all of my books at my website.

I started two blogs for my own personal use a few years ago. My professional blog was established to promote myself as an author as well as my books, but it has become a platform where I can give writing advice to aspiring authors so they can learn to write professionally, and where I can help to promote other authors. My Inspirational blog was started as a means to tell people about the Lord, but it soon became a venue of therapy for me when I was battling cancer last year. I wrote about the things that I was going through without talking about myself, and when people would read the posts and comment how I’d answered their question or how my message had helped them, I began to feel very blessed, and I knew these messages were inspired by God. This blog is now a means for me to share the love of God with everyone, and I look forward to writing each and every inspired post.

It amazes me how we can sometimes begin down a certain path toward our goals and then all of a sudden, everything changes. My initial goal was to write twenty adventures and suspense thrillers before I was 65, (I actually have two other suspense/thrillers half written) but when I got ill my perspective shifted and my goals changed. Now I just want to write books that will help people through their own struggles.

Let Faith Arise! is my first Inspirational book that’s filled with a collection of messages on faith that I wrote during my illness. I read them over a million times while I was on that journey because they gave me the strength to keep going and they built up my faith to trust God. When I was healed, I formatted them into a book and published it so that other Christians could know what faith is, how to get it and how to apply it in their own lives.

I’m currently writing my life story, Against All Odds, which is my story of how I beat cancer. I have such a passion for people who have cancer, and it grieves me beyond words when I learn that someone has been stricken with it. I believe that if people were more informed, things just might turn out differently for them; some of the horrors might be avoided. And I’m going to write some books that I truly hope will help people.

A few years ago I became involved with a LinkedIn group called Aspiring Writers, and for the last three years I’ve managed a short story writing group where we have monthly writing competitions and informative discussions. It’s an encouraging group with some really awesome members. This is where I met Jeff. I was drawn to him because I love his writing style and he has great potential to become a successful author, so it was a pleasure for me to encourage him within the group. We also share the same values and goals, and we have pooled our prayers and our concerns together over the last two years. It’s an honour for me to know him, and I believe that he is going to write some great books that will become best sellers.

I want to thank Jeff for inviting me to be a guest on his blog – a blog that I love! His frequent posts may be therapy for him, but they show the world that love can heal a broken heart, and that when we focus on God’s big picture we can make it. I have seen more love in Jeff’s writing than I have in most church sermons. Every post has brought tears to my eyes because they’re written from his heart and yet, he has a way of turning his grief and sorrow into a confident mindset with his positive attitude and pleasant sense of humor.

I’ve never met Fawn, but through his words I feel as if I know her and that she was my best friend. I feel his loss for her – and yet I sense the love that’s in his heart and that will keep him going until he’s with her again. Through his grief, he has shown me hope when I couldn’t see hope myself, and for that I am truly grateful. It’s a privilege for me to be able to call Jeff Mazza my friend.

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