If I had left on time.

Hello People,

Last evening I stayed at work later than usual.  It was busy and I decided to hang around a bit. Typically I would be gone at 7 or a few minutes after.  As I pulled from my parking space and was about to drive off,  I noticed that the rear gate was still open.  Ordinarily, even if we are here late, the gate is closed right about 7.
I decided to go out that way since it was closer.  As I shifted my car into drive, an SUV entered the gate and turned in my direction.  Probably someone had decided to stop by and look around after dinner.   As the vehicle approached, the driver rolled her window down so I did likewise.   She probably wanted to ask if we were still open.
I said hi and she asked if I was Jeff.  This took me by surprise.  Even though I was wearing a name tag, I doubt if she could read it from where she was.  I said yes, I was, and she handed me two envelopes, telling me which I was to open first.  At this point I was really puzzled and asked if she was sure she was looking for me.  I even repeated by full name just to confirm she had the right Jeff.
She verified that I was indeed the person she was looking for.  I took the envelopes from her and felt as though I entered into some sort of fictional novel.  I then asked her if I would know who she was by the contents of the envelope.  She said I would.
You are probably wondering why I did not ask her name or try to get more information before accepting anything from a complete stranger.  I now ask myself the same question.   But, it was late and I still had a stop to make and wanted to be home.   Plus, the whole incident really caught me off guard.  I’m not as suave and quick-thinking as I like to imagine.
Upon arriving at the store where I needed to pick up something, I parked and glanced over at the envelopes lying on the seat next to me.  I had planned to wait until I made it home but my curiosity got the best of me.  In the first envelope was a letter explaining who the women was and how she came to know who I am.  There are some details that I will leave out to protect her privacy but it has to do with my wife’s funeral, which lead her to a story I wrote for Wilson Living Magazine and then to this blog.  In the second envelope was a small gift that she felt moved to give me as an encouragement.   The letter was very kind and answered all my questions about this unexpected scenario.
If I had not stayed at work late I guess she would have left the letter with someone at my workplace but I still think the timing was unique.  I was glad to see that someone read the story and also this blog.   As I walked through the grocery store I was still thinking about this encounter when I heard someone say my name.  Can coincidence strike twice within just a few minutes?
I turned to look and saw an acquaintance whom I had not seen for a while.  The strange part was not running into another person.  After some friendly conversation she said she had recently been reminded of my blog but misplaced the name of the web site.  I then handed her one of my cards so she could look it up.
So within about a 10 minute period I was at the right place and at the right time to encounter two different people both ultimately involving my writing.   You may not think it more than coincidence but I do.
It may well be I am putting more into it than what I should but things like this just don’t happen to me every day.  I like to try figuring out why some things happen if I can.
This may not be my most interesting or thought provoking post but I felt like sharing it anyway.

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