I know NOTHING of the Earth

Hi Honey,

Last night Shannon and I randomly entered into a discussion about, of all things, geography and history.  It made me realize, after all these years, how little I know about geography.  Not that I am an expert regarding history, but of the two, I lack more knowledge regarding geography.

As much as I watch the news and have a desire to travel, I am reminded that a general knowledge of where places are, although not essential for my job or life in general, it certainly adds to one’s overall “smartness”.   When I was a child I had no interest in either of these subjects.  It never really hurt me except for my grades.  I’ve never found myself in a situation where my lack of awareness of what country is on what continent caused me a problem.

In everyone’s life, there might come a time when something that was never important before, becomes, if nothing else, worth checking into.  It’s sort of like tasting a food that you’ve always hated.  (I have tried onions on multiple occasions and no I still don’t like them).  Apparently this is the time for me to, even if I do not eventually command the ability to present an oral report, spend a little time studying the aforementioned subjects.  I will do this for no other reason but my own edification and perhaps to show off every now and then.

With the internet and unlimited other resources there is no subject which one cannot at least superficially explore.  I’ve spent a little time perusing articles about quantum mechanics and other previously unexplored subjects.  Now I guess it’s time for something a bit more, pedestrian, especially since I have the hope of travelling one day.  A basic knowledge of the layout of the planet could prove useful.  I wouldn’t want to make the mistake of thinking I could stroll back and forth between Sweden and Australia, for example, while I know there are other places that are surprisingly close to each other.

So Honey, while you are busy exploring Heaven, right now I have several maps pulled up so I can explore this world and another site where I am shopping for a world globe.  This will be a lot more productive that playing online pool.

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