Don’t put it off too long.

Hi everyone,

Many times I address these posts to Fawn, but I may not always.  I speak to her in the quiet of my heart and in whispers that are meant just for her and only she can hear.  
There are many things I would like to do before older age arrives making it impractical.  I want to spend time at the Smithsonian, see Paris and Italy, relax under a palm tree while listening to seagulls and ocean waves gently crashing on the beach.  I want to take a long train ride, maybe a cruise.  I’d like to go to Disney world and Epcot again.

If you still have your spouse with you, do something you’ve always wanted to do together.  If you are alone, do something you’ve always wanted to.  I know that time is passing by quickly and I am not getting any younger.  As soon as I am able I am going to settle on someplace to go and do my best to make it happen.  
We have to work to live.  You need money to do anything.  Use a tiny bit of it on yourself and your spouse when you can.  
Don’t go into debt and don’t neglect your important responsibilities but as soon as you can, make plans to go somewhere.   If you have no money, then at least use a bike and ride as far as you can in one day or if all else fails, take a very, very long walk in a direction you haven’t been.  
That’s today’s advice to you. 

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