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Of all the people you have met and ever will meet in a lifetime, I’ve determined that the most difficult person to get acquainted with is yourself. Is this common knowledge? Am I the last person to realize this? Or, perhaps I’m just more difficult to understand than anyone else I’ve met.

It would seem that if there is one person in the world that would be easy to understand it would be yourself. Not true at all. When you meet someone or the first time it’s easy to size him or her up at least superficially. Facial expressions, body language and a casual conversation will at least get you started on the road to getting to know most people.

For many years I’ve been trying to figure out who I am and still have not figured it out. Is this true for most people? I’ve tried asking myself the same questions I would ask anyone whom I would like to learn more about. I can’t seem to get a straight answer. Questionnaires, surveys, personality quizzes all leave me puzzled and perplexed. Trying to interpret my own moods is a mystery. Body language? Not so helpful.  I’m not smart enough to just know myself as a matter of familiarity and too sly to give straightforward answers to my own questions. Guess I’m afraid to give too much information away.

So I pose the question. How does one get to know oneself?

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2 thoughts on “The most difficult person to know is

  1. I think it seems difficult to know your real self because things in your life change constantly and your circumstances vary with each situation, and so your thoughts and your reactions will often be different. And this can leave you in a state of wondering who you really are; what your opinions and ideals really are. What you need is a benchmark that you can use to measure yourself. For me, that benchmark is Jesus. I study the Bible to know more about Jesus each day and so slowly my thoughts and actions are mirroring His. This way I can know what my actions and reactions will be – or at least hope they’ll be – like His would be. It’s a work in process and I have a long way to go, but it’s a sure way. And still, there are times when a new and different situation will happen that I’m not prepared for and my reaction shocks even me. Like I said, I’m a work in process.

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