Another life lost to drugs

Philip Seymour Hoffman won a Academy Award for...

Philip Seymour Hoffman won a Academy Award for Best Actor (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Like everyone else I read the news of Philip Seymour Hoffman’s death of an apparent drug overdose.  There are so many words anyone might use to talk about this. Tragic, sad, untimely, shocking and a host of others all come to mind.  Another celebrity, Jared Padalecki was criticized for calling Hoffman’s death stupid and senseless.

Jared Padalecki

Jared Padalecki (Photo credit: Andrea Giampaoletti)

Padalecki’s comment was not well received. The use of recreational drugs is stupid and senseless.  And if Hoffman’s death was not stupid or senseless then what was it? Did it then make sense?  Isn’t that what would have to be the case if his comments were wrong?

What is it about Hollywood and drugs? Does wealth and fame automatically mean one must use drugs? As one who has never smoked a cigarette it’s impossible for me to understand the trend towards drug use especially among the rich and famous and may I add talented.

Last night I watched a television program about the history of the Oscars. All my life I have been fascinated with the motion picture industry and film. If I had my way, I would be right smack dab in the middle of it right now. It’s one of those things that I want to do but because of fear and a lack of confidence and talent, I will probably never attempt.

Instead I simply fantasize and dream about what could have been. On the other hand there are countless others who have made it. My dream is their reality. So why do so many of them become involved in drugs and other harmful activity? I don’t know. The simple answer would be that they don’t have God as an unchangeable, immovable foundation to lean upon. But the answer must be more complicated than that. Because I have this foundation yet still have many days where life seems unfair  and  unfulfilled.   I still have unrealized dreams that may never come to pass.

I do not like offering religious platitudes as the solution for everything.  Yes, God is the solution to everything. But, as  most Christians would tell you, a connection with God does not guarantee you to have a problem free, carefree life. I for one have had more setbacks and tragedies than I care for. At the same time it does seem to me that one’s relationship with God must be a bit shaky if you have to resort to drugs for comfort.

I don’t know about Hoffman’s life. I don’t know about the lives of others who have died because of drugs. I do know that they are not the answer. And the question still remains to be answered. Why do so many celebrities use drugs and die from them?

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One thought on “Another life lost to drugs

  1. I believe that people take drugs to escape the reality of life. We are all prone to trials and tribulations in life and those people who have God to help them will overcome them and be able to cope while going through them. Those without God find another means to deal with the trials, and for many it’s drugs. While it’s very addictive for Christians to know God and trust Him, it’s even more addictive to turn to the dark side and become totally dependent on drugs. The only difference is that God always gives us a choice and never forces Himself on us, while drugs are aggressive and entrapping and those who delve into them can’t get out. I’ve personally never engaged in drugs, but I’ve known people who have and I’ve seen what drug addiction can do. And sadly, no person can beat the addiction on their own and many will see death, but when that same person turns to Jesus and asks for His help, that person is set free and brought back into reality – into the land of the living – where drugs can never again control them. And I can see on their face a genuine smile that says, “Life is good”.

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